Fear of Coup Grips Africa Leaders – Sani


Nigerian former lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani has asserted that Africa leaders are obsessed  with rising stories of coups leading to military restructuring, instead of governance.

The last two months has witnessed coups stories in the Africa region where the military has taken over power in the case of Niger an Gabon.

Sani statement on X (formerly Twitter) reads;

The fear of coup has prompted some African leaders to resetting their military instead of resetting their governance system.

The event of Niger and Gabon coups may have led some Africa countries restructuring their military.
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Most times coups are not carried out by senior officers. So they can’t run away from it by resetting the military.

Resetting the military might just make it worse because even the loyal officers might be affected, and that would make them bite harder. Also, don’t underrate junior officers. Improve your governance system or resign.

This is what brought about the coups in the first place. It is only a matter of time you know. Paul Biya knows his day of reckoning is close.

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