How to Make N100,000 monthly without Stress using Otto Platform


Join Otto partner and start making money monthly from the new platform.

Kindly sign up, recharge and invite 100 people to buy Otto products as low as N3500 and Otto will pay you minimum of N500 per each person. You can make N50,000 in your first two weeks.

Alternatively, you can invest in any of the available products and earn 3x of your investment within a month interval. 



 Step 1: Registration
Register and create an account with OTTO.

 Step 2: OTTO APP
Download the OTTO APP from the upside of your home.

 Step 3: Bank card
On your home page, click Bank card to add account details.

 Step 4: Manager Contact and Answering Questions
Contact Admin (Amelie) through the contact Manager for more details n resolve any issues you might have.

 Step 5: Beginner’s Guide
Please, study the Beginner’s Guide on your home page diligently over and over again to be fully abreast of operations in OTTO.

 Step 6: Mobile banking app
Make sure that you have a mobile banking app in your phone for easy transactions. USSD code payment not allowed.

 Step 7: Screenshot
Make sure that you have a phone that has a screenshot for the operations in OTTO.

 Step 8: Funding your account and Products Activation
Click on the Merchandise button on the downside of your home page and check the amount of the products you want to activate and then go to your home page and click on the Recharge button and follow the guidelines and complete the recharge payment carefully and go back to your Personal page and check whether your recharge has successfully arrived. Then go to the Merchandise and activate the products you recharged for.
 Step 9: Claiming Your Daily income
Make sure that you click the Receive button to claim your daily income every day in the morning from 04:30am forward.

After you have claimed your daily income, screenshot it and send it to the group WhatsApp every morning.

 Step 10: Team Building
Make sure that you invite people to be part of OTTO through your invitation link.

 Step 11: Products Multiple Activation
You can activate multiple products simultaneously to maximize your daily income.

 Step 13: Withdrawal
 You can withdraw your money any time.
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