JDS Registration, Activation and Withdrawal Process


JDS Labs is an online shopping mall where partners can buy and resale products and make profits. Members can recharge or fund account, activate or buy products, and withdraw income daily. New Platform

JDS daily income is inclusive of members capital and the profit margin is about 5% of your investment and you can get more dividends if your package is high.

How to Register
  1. Login to https://gotelafrica.com/register?invite=Oop6hQBNoS
  2. Click sign up
  3. Input mobile number (10 digits, ignore 1st zero) 8012345678
  4. Input invitation code:  7Vt86756D
  5. Input password choice, not less than 8 characters

Products (Commodities) Revenue
You can view available products through the merchandise menu, including validity period, earning rate and product amount.

See examples of available products

How to Recharge and Activate Products
  • Click Recharge
  • Input amount and proceed
  • Copy the corresponding bank details
  • Pay to the account
  • Check your app balance to confirm if your recharge was successful.
Activation Process
  • Proceed to Merchandise
  • Select choice of product or package paid for
  • Confirm and proceed
Note: Contact admin after payment and send the following information.

JDS Team Income

This is another way through which members can earn additional income. You can earn team income through the members that registered through, i.e. downliners B, C and D.

Click on Team Size (Personal) in the Otto App to view registered members.

JDS Referral Bonus

Members also earn when they invite others into the platform and the amount you earn depends on the package purchased as indicated below:

What is next after Recharge and activation of product?
Kindly contact the admin under contact manager or use this link to contact admin for more details.

How to Receive daily Income
Otto members should click receive every morning as from 4am and confirm their daily income  before placing withdrawal. Your Otto wallet will be credited with your fixed income after confirming the available money.

1. Open Personal tab
2. Click receive and Confirm

Withdraw Process
Login to your account and click withdraw.
  • Input Amount
  • Bank details and
  • Wait for maximum of 72hrs (3 days) or sometime 24hrs (1 day)
NB: Ensure your registration details tally with your bank record.

WARNING: Online business does not have insurance backup. Invest your money wisely. Remember, you can lose your money overnight. Good luck!

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    How Legit is this?

  3. Anonymous

    why can't I download the app

  4. Anonymous

    I can’t get code withdrawal of funds

  5. Anonymous

    What does "Risk account, complete your certification mean?" or how can we get this done?

  6. Anonymous

    Same issues here

  7. Anonymous

    Otto is a scam

  8. Anonymous

    Why I can't withdraw money from OTTO

  9. Anonymous

    Scamm…..they have scam people

  10. Anonymous

    Big time

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    Please how can I withdraw my money in Otto pls help me

  13. Anonymous

    I can't withdraw my money

  14. Anonymous

    What do we do now

  15. Anonymous

    Am trying to widraw the are asking me to do certificate. Please help

  16. Anonymous

    Same issue me too..

  17. Anonymous

    Any WhatsApp group pls

  18. Anonymous

    What is fund password

  19. Anonymous

    Y can't I withdraw my money

  20. Anonymous

    Please help me

  21. Anonymous

    What is the meaning of risk account

  22. Anonymous

    Am getting "risk account, please complete certification" as response whenever i try to withdraw… why's that?

  23. Anonymous

    Otto is scam God Almighty will punish them

  24. Anonymous

    Please I need help Ooooh my own is that the Otto account is not showing any balance again

  25. Anonymous

    What you are seeing is that they have locked up the process of withdrawal, and are demanding for #48771 as the amount for certification. Meanwhile the people who have paid for the certification have not been able to still withdraw. They are now busy removing contacts from the otto platform.

  26. Anonymous

    U can't do anything again, Otto has shut down and gone with billions and millions of people's lives savings, business, school fees, etc money

  27. Anonymous

    My house rent gone

  28. Anonymous

    I can't believe for the first time in my entire life, I have been scammed with my savings of three years, a poor orphan like me, working in a none governmental organization, the stress, d insult, d humiliation everything is gone like that in one day. Oh God of the orphanage where are you, come down and help me, o my God my life is a mess, I can't believe myself o, where do I start from poor me, who send me o hmmmmmmmm

  29. Anonymous


  30. Anonymous

    I was lost more than 80k in OTTO

  31. Anonymous

    Fraudulent agency. Watch your back because you will hit you shortly for defrauding thousands of their hard earned money.

  32. Anonymous

    The withdrawal rufused to be actualised, then the app refused to open

  33. Anonymous

    How do we sue OTTO should be the next question. No contact in Germany?

  34. Anonymous

    The executives are on linkedin. Let bombered them on LinkedIn now

  35. Anonymous

    I can't even see anything on the Otto again. Knew it was scam and Daz why I told the guy who insisted I open it to use his money
    God won't let this go unpunished

  36. Anonymous

    After much pressure, I just manage to use 20k for it, to withdraw after 3days, on d day of withdrawal what I saw was "show certificate identity"
    The next, thing is dat d site is not opening again till now.

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    It is really hard to believe that such big company as Otto is a scan.How do I get my money back?

  39. Anonymous

    Only god if hepl ours

  40. Anonymous

    This company is a very big scan how do I get my money back

  41. Anonymous

    All the scammers for Otto shall go straight to hell in Jesus name amen

  42. Anonymous

    OTTO is scam. They have scammed many, even me

  43. Anonymous

    They are thieves

  44. Anonymous

    The sitehss disappered

  45. Anonymous

    You have been scammed

  46. Anonymous


  47. Anonymous

    Bunch of useless and wicked scammers

  48. Anonymous

    Otto people are thieves after I deposited 120k the lock my account till today I haven't seen anything, To tell u they are thieves to login through opera mini is not working too.

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