Otto Launches Inventory Product Sales


Otto Nigeria has launched the inventory product sales as part of independence anniversary package for its members for two days with no team and referral bonus.

The Otto inventory product sale is a one time product sale with 8 days payment advance. It means members have to wait till after 8 days before they will receive payment.

Inventory Product:
  1. Subscribe to the M-30000 product. After 8 days you will get ₦ 150000
  2. Subscribe to the M-76000 product. After 8 days you will get ₦ 380000
  3. Subscribe to product M-145000. After 8 days you will get ₦ 725000
  4. Subscribe to the M-380000 product. After 8 days you will get ₦ 1900000
  5. Subscribe to product M-730000. After 8 days you will get ₦ 3650000
  6. Subscribe to product M-1580000. After 8 days you will get ₦ 7900000
It takes 8 days for the Inventory Product company to go through operations and sell. Therefore, all profits from this product will be automatically sent by the system to your OTTO account on the 9th day.

Each OTTO account can subscribe to Inventory Product 6 times at the same time.
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New members can sign up using this link:

Warning: Invest wisely in any online business. Otto is not insured by NDIC.

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  1. Anonymous

    Mr Felix do you know about this company Otto in particular

  2. Anonymous

    Why withdrawal is not working?

  3. Anonymous

    I don't understand otto again I can not withdraw my money again pls what is happening in Otto in nigeria right now

  4. Anonymous

    We are facing same here in warri Otto is not paying. Please we need answer.

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