2023 Cross Over Service

Cross Over
To be alive and well is a testimony worth celebrating as we prepare to cross over to the year 2024, wishing you happy New Year in advance.

Churches globally are preparing for the 2023 Cross Over service marking the entrance service into the New Year 2024.

Notable churches that will transmit their services live include Catholic, orthodox, Pentecostal churches and other denominations, that will features prophecies for the year 2024.

The year 2024 is unique being a Leap Year, with notable reference to February 29, that will bring about the fall and rise of many, according to biblical prophecy.

Make it a duty to attend the 2023 cross over service at the nearest church close to your location, in spirit, mind and soul.

Every living soul have obligation to thank God for making us alive and well, crossing over into the New Year, our year of flourishing like the psalm tree.
Psalm 92: 12.

We shall praising, dancing and praying into the New Year 2024 unto our God, the keeper and sustenance of our lives.

See you in 2024 in Jesus name!

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