Twitter X, Instagram and Facebook Traffic Ranking by Google

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Social media platforms with the highest traffic from X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook as reported by Elon Musk according to Google search report.

According to the report, SE traffic from is 650.9 million, paid traffic 1.1K and paid traffic price (USD) at 14.3K. has 520.7M SE traffic, 99.9K paid traffic and 105.4K paid traffic price (USD). has 496.5M SE traffic, 708.4K paid traffic and 1.1M paid traffic price (USD).

Analysis and Comparison

SE Traffic:  – 650.9M – 520.7M – 496.5M

Paid Traffic: – 1.1K – 99.9K 708.4k

Paid Traffic Price (USD):  – 14.3K – 105.4K –  1.1M

It shows that people selling products via facebook and instagram make more money that those selling on twitter social media platform.

Also, you can generate traffic to your website more easily on X (Twitter) platform than Facebook and Instagram.

The traffic report shown above was generated in the month of November 2023 based on the organic traffic from the top leading social media platforms in the world.


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