Tinubu Govt Set to Regulate Social Media in Nigeria


The Tinubu led government in Nigeria has reiterated its commitment toward regulating the social media which has become a societal menace.

President Tinubu said social media impact is contributing negatively to the overall growth of the economy, citing the need for its regulation, and putting Facebook, Instagram, X formerly Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube and other social media channels under control in Nigeria.

Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff to the President spoke through the President at a recent event in Lagos stressed the importance of accurate information in policy formulation and national development. 

Femi berated the menace of the social media in the dissemination of fake and wrong information which has almost torn the country apart, stressing for the need to regularize the framework of news dissemination on social media to avoid misinformation in the country.

He emphasized the importance of data in policy formulation for the growth of the country, stating that no developing country can succeed without adequate and well-informed data.

He said that his administration has an obligation to engage in evidence-based discussion and data-reliant decision-making, hence the need for accurate data that will be used for better policy formulation and execution.

The social media has become a societal menace and must be regulated. As many people do not understand that once the send button is hit, there is a potential to reach millions of people around the world which is capable of causing a great danger not just in the society but even unintended consequences to the individuals that are receiving information which may include security of life. 

As citizens become more interested in governance, it is the government’s obligation to ensure that engagement with citizens springs with shared agreement on what the truth is, what is real and what is not,” he said.

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